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The Full Story


Maria Zapata is a clothing brand that uprises design to provide the confidence of the nowadays woman. The brand was born in a society fighting for justice, diversity, and genuine personality. Maria Zapata's objective is to provide a statement, timeless, and premium pieces that will elevate women's confidence to project their natural inner.


Its name comes from a tribute and legacy representation of José Indaburo's grandmother. José and Diana, his wife, joined together to follow his family fashion representation today.


Maria Zapata's collections are a truthful meaning of power, color, and disruption that will take all women to the next level in the nowadays revolt society. Maria Zapata motivates you to be yourself because either you run the day or the day runs you.



We believe that our pieces are a timeless statement that power the inner personality that the person has. Our mission is to provide colorful and disruptive collections that will call the attention of every event while the person's character is express. 


Maria Zapata aims to propagate its statement and timeless designs in the United States. The powerful personality of each person in society needs to be spread and settle by our collections. We believe in the creativity and colorful communication of fashion. 

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